Waves of Revival

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Throughout the earliest years of its history, America was shaped by intense moves of God. During these times, the fires of revival burned brightly, sweeping the nation.

One of those moments became known as America’s “Second Great Awakening.” It was sparked in 1800 by campmeetings, when, by the multitudes, men and women left their homes and normal lives, and dedicated themselves to seek God. The impact was felt for years to come. Churches were founded. Tens of thousands of souls were saved.

Inevitably, the fires of this awakening dimmed. But another wave of revivals took place in 1831 when, as one official report indicated, as many as 1,000 congregations experienced revivals.

Experiences of revival like this are important for nations, for churches, and for individuals, then and now. But the general principle also is true, then and now. In fact, all of us need moments to renew our relationship with God. We need time to seek His face afresh. To cry out for His power in our lives. To repent of sin and turn away from compromise. To renew our commitment to Him. When we seek to be set on fire again for Jesus by the power of the Spirit.

In these moments of personal revival, we might experience His presence in a more real way. We might have particularly meaningful seasons of prayer. We may experience the power of the Spirit in new, deep ways, and see miracles performed.

But even after intense moments, this deepened commitment can fade. The flames of revival can diminish and even go out. And we may not feel quite so on fire for God.

Each of us needs these moments of renewal. Dedicated times to seek God anew. As Paul wrote, we need time to “fan into flame the gift of God” (2 Timothy 1:6 ESV).

Ask God to help you experience personal revival in your life. Pray. Seek His face. Worship Him.