Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Paul had traveled throughout the ancient world. Well educated, he spent considerable time with the elite, both Jews and Gentiles. He had debated leading lawyers and argued with the best minds in Athens. He had gone toe-to-toe with kings and governors.

He had strong connections with Jewish leadership, having been trained by Gamaliel himself, perhaps the most respected scholar of that time. He understood the issues and knew these men were opposed to Jesus and why they wanted to crush the movement of His followers.

Along the way, he interacted with men and women at all levels. He had delivered messages that led many to accept the Gospel.

His letter to Colossians is packed with insights drawn from those experiences. Since Paul had never met these people face-to face, he wrote many key points he felt were important. He encouraged believers to realize that they constantly were being watched. Their lives were perhaps the most important factors in whether others believed the Gospel.

This meant being careful in what they said and how they acted. They were not to waste time but to be dependable and hard-working. They were not to gossip but to be careful in what they said.

These principles still are vitally important for believers today. Remember these words in all your interactions. Remember that people are watching you and listening to you. Ask God to help you to be an effective ambassador
for His kingdom.