Waiting and Ready

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

For Joseph, time probably seemed to have stopped. He had done nothing wrong, yet he found himself in prison. After proving himself to be responsible, he was given oversight of other prisoners. Yet he remained in prison, with no apparent prospect of release.

His hopes surely increased after his encounter with men who had political connections. He had correctly interpreted the dream of Pharaoh’s chief butler, who had been released, promising to remember Joseph. But “two full years” went by, and still no change took place.

However, when everything did change, it happened with amazing speed. Pharaoh had a troubling dream, and the butler told Pharaoh about Joseph. He was quickly brought from the prison, and suddenly he became “ruler” of all of Egypt.

The transition had taken place “hurriedly.” The Hebrew word here usually is translated “run.” In other words, Joseph was brought before Pharaoh as if running with speed and urgency. This change took place with a speed that must have seemed impossible. But this amazing turn of events illustrates God’s control over time and circumstances.

While he waited in prison and nothing seemed to be happening, Joseph could not have realized all that was taking place. In ways he never could have imagined, God was preparing the way for his rapid ascent to power. Then, when the time was right, circumstances changed with unbelievable speed.

In our lives, time often can move so slowly. We can feel forgotten and hopeless. It can seem that circumstances never will change. These are times to remember the example of Joseph. To stay faithful. To continue serving God. To be trustworthy, responsible servants. And never to give up.

Continually be ready for your breakthrough, believing in God’s sovereignty over time and circumstances. He has a plan and will act when the time is right.