Vulnerable but Victorious

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson understood the keys to victory. In 1862, during the early days of the American Civil War, he was given responsibility to lead the Southern forces in the Shenandoah region of Virginia. Even though outnumbered, his army won a startling victory. Military historian Bevin Alexander commented that a key to his victory was his knowledge of his “enemy’s vulnerable point.” Jackson exploited that weakness to achieve victory.

Satan applied this same principle to attack Jesus. Satan knew that He had been fasting and was hungry. So that is where Satan attacked. He reminded Jesus about His power—that He could “command that these stones become bread.” But Jesus was ready for this temptation. He knew the Word of God, and He knew how to defeat His enemy.

Many Christians experience defeat because they aren’t ready when Satan attacks them! They don’t know God’s Word. They don’t know their enemy or understand his schemes.
The devil knows where we are vulnerable. He attacks not where we are strong, but where we are weak…not when we are alert, but when we are complacent or sleeping…not when we are ready, but when we are unprepared and vulnerable.

Today, remember that Satan knows you and your family. He knows where you are vulnerable, but you can defeat him!

Confess your sins and avoid Satan’s traps. Pray! Read God’s Word and declare His promises to be true in your life! Stand firm and don’t give in to compromise. Be bold! Make sure you are ready!