A Vision of Heaven

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Believers who seek to witness to Muslims can find the barriers almost impenetrable. But one young Believer, living in Malawi, on the southeast coast of Africa, found strong interest from a Muslim who was curious about Christianity and bold enough to ask questions.

He had been taught that paradise was a place dominated by wine and earthly pleasures. But this made no sense to him. As he talked with his Christian friend, he found the truth in the Bible’s picture of Heaven. As a result, he surrendered his life to Christ.

These are the kinds of opportunities that the Holy Spirit can give to Believers. For our faith is not based on theories or ideas but a real, life-changing relationship with God Himself. For we can know the truth and study the Bible. Believers are equipped not just with a vision of Heaven but actually can know God in a personal way.

As this young Muslim discovered, the Bible presents real insights into God’s nature. We see Him not as a tyrant but a loving Father. And, in Revelation, we see clearly His purposes for creation. How He desires to end sickness and the curse. We see God in all His glory, how He will “illumine” us with His presence. And we will reign with Him forever.

For Believers, these words are central to our relationship with God. And we have opportunities to share the Gospel and these truths with people in our personal lives. We can talk about God’s love and His desire that we know Him and experience the fullness of His blessings.