Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

The psalmist faced strong opposition and seemed trapped by problems. This was a constant battle, as he went around “mourning because of the oppression of the enemy.” He knew he needed God’s help against his adversaries, but he also felt that God had “rejected” him.

In his desperation, he turned again to God, crying for Him to “vindicate” him. The Hebrew word suggests a legal defense, just like a judge that renders a favorable verdict against adversaries in court.

He prayed for God’s guidance. That His light and truth would bring Him into His very presence where he would go to the altar and seek His face. This was not a burden or ritual but his “exceeding joy,” for he loved spending time with God.

His circumstances could have weighed him down. In his flesh, he had reasons to feel despair and disturbed. But he realized that he would find relief and hope from being in God’s presence and spending time in praise. He may have felt accused and attacked but knew that God would plead his case.

There were many reasons you might feel despair. You can look at circumstances, and become overwhelmed and defeated. Your opposition may seem to have all the advantages and you may not seem to have the resources you need.

No matter what you face, there is no reason to feel sad or discouraged. If you face situations like these, react like the psalmist. Call on God. Commit your needs to Him. Place your hope in Him. Seek His presence.

Cry out for the wisdom, resources, and power you need. Then, start praising Him. In faith, declare victory and stand on the principles in His Word. Remember that He is bigger than any problem you face, and His resources cannot be exhausted. And the Bible promises that He cares for you.