Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

The soldiers in Israel’s army were highly trained and skilled in war. In fact, the Bible calls them “valiant.” The Hebrew word here suggests that they were strong and had great ability. They were mighty and could be forceful fighters.

Yet these qualities were not enough. They only “prevailed” in battle for one reason: They cried out to God, and trusted Him. As a result, He answered their prayers.

Yes, their skills made a difference, and helped them fight more effectively. But the real key was realizing that “the battle was God’s.” They did not depend on their own strength or abilities, but turned to Him.

Trusting in God brought them peace when they might have been worried or afraid. He removed their burdens and assured them that He would help them develop the best strategies. He gave them the wisdom they needed. He went before them into battle, and was their shield and defender. Because of His guidance, they avoided dangers and traps.
How often we fail to achieve victory because we trust ourselves. How often we feel worried or afraid because we depend on our own strength. We need to learn from the Israelites, and start by trusting in God. Calling on Him. Committing our battles to Him. Trusting in Him completely. Having faith that He will take away our burdens, realizing that every battle we face is His.

Today, make sure that you commit your problems to God. Don’t worry or carry your burdens. And don’t rely on your own ideas, strength, and resources. Call out to Him and turn your battles over to Him. You can trust Him. In every situation you face, the battle is His!