Varieties of Wisdom

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

“Solomon’s wisdom excelled the wisdom of all the men of the East and all the wisdom of Egypt . . . He spoke . . . proverbs and . . . songs . . . Also he spoke of trees . . . he spoke also of animals, of birds, of creeping things, and of fish.” 1 Kings 4:30-33 NKJV

During Solomon’s time, the common assumption was that men from “the East” and Egypt set the standard for wisdom. They were thought to possess a special kind of wisdom. Yet Solomon demonstrated a superior wisdom. A different kind of wisdom. Wisdom greater than any human wisdom.

The Bible indicates that he displayed three kinds of wisdom. First, he excelled in “proverbs.” This was very practical wisdom. These proverbs provide insights into how to live. How to make decisions and know what to do. But the Bible makes clear that these were not just clever sayings but inspired by his relationship with God.

Second, Solomon excelled in writing songs. These represent the heart. Emotions. Feelings. Here, we see the byproduct of Solomon as a musician, artist, and poet, and show us that God understands our hearts as well as our minds.

But Solomon also excelled at a kind of wisdom based in nature, creation, and science. He studied animals and birds, fish and plants. This investigation produced a degree of wisdom that was profound and far-reaching.

Solomon demonstrated just how diverse wisdom can be, and the many ways in which wisdom can be acquired, applied, and expressed.

Today, remember that, just as in Solomon’s time, the world is filled with people who are smart. Who have knowledge and intelligence, clever and crafty. But, just as He did with Solomon, God offers us much more: His wisdom. Practical wisdom. Poetic wisdom that touches our hearts. Wisdom about nature and creation.

In your life, don’t limit God. Let Him give you His wisdom, to guide you in every area of your life.


Prayer: Father, I seek Your wisdom. I know that this only comes from You. Change me by Your Spirit. Thank You. In Jesus’ name. Amen.