Useless Arguments

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Their enemies didn’t understand them. But neither did their friends. These were the klephts. According to military historian John Keegan, these Greek warriors could be described as “half-bandits, half-rebels.” They caused frustration for many armies over the centuries, and even for Alexander the Great in 334 BC, when his armies invaded Asia Minor.

What distinguished these warriors? They were a nuisance. They had a unique fighting style that often was met with ridicule. Their goal was to confuse and distract their enemies through actions that seemed to make no sense. They built “little walls at a point of likely encounter with the enemy.” Then they tried to provoke their enemy “by taunts and insults,” only to run away “when the enemy closed.”

To outsiders, their actions could be hard to believe. When engaged in battle, they did not necessarily fight to win, but rather to fight another day.

Many people today are like these klephts. They love to stir up trouble. They’re known for spreading rumors and causing confusion, disrupting the lives of others.

Paul warned Timothy that many Christians have this tendency. They tend to get involved in arguments. They fight endlessly over words. Although Paul knew there was a time to take a stand, when disagreements are healthy and important, people too often become involved in disputes with no substantive purpose. Paul concluded that “such arguments are useless.” In fact, they even “can ruin those who hear them.” Satan can use these kinds of arguments to split churches, friendships, and even marriages.

Today, ask God to give you discernment and sensitivity. Don’t devote yourself to useless arguments. Dedicate yourself to seeking first the Kingdom of God and building unity in the Body of Christ.