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King Zedekiah didn’t hesitate to demonstrate his power. To him, his requests seemed logical. He hoped that Jeremiah would use his position as a prophet to assure that God would deliver His people from Babylon. Instead, Jeremiah prophesied that God would deliver Jerusalem into Babylon’s hands.

The king reacted by putting Jeremiah in prison, a place where he seemed completely isolated, vulnerable, and powerless. In contrast, Zedekiah seemed to retain his power. No one could challenge him as king. But while Jeremiah was in prison, the word of the Lord came to him. God reminded Jeremiah that He is greater than Zedekiah and any other king or kingdom. Jeremiah might be in a man-made prison, but that didn’t limit God in any way.

From prison, Jeremiah called to God, and He revealed the kinds of insights that He had promised – amazing things, things that no human could have imagined! Remember that God can speak to you anyplace, and any time. You may feel bound by problems or circumstances. You may feel inadequate or overwhelmed. But always remember that God has no limits.

In every situation, call to Him, confident that He can teach you new things and change your life in extraordinary ways. When you face seemingly impossible situations, don’t give in to despair or hopelessness. Instead, call to God. Be prepared to receive unexpected answers and supernatural insights that might seem “unsearchable.”