Unruly and Undisciplined

Unruly and Undisciplined

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

For many in Jesus day, the law had become something of a master, even taking the place of God. Some religious leaders were even guilty of a legalistic attitude. The Bible makes clear that Jesus came to restore the right perspective, and to bring freedom. Yet it also was possible to abuse these freedoms and become disruptive.

Paul was concerned because some in the Thessalonian church who claimed to be believers were living in a “disorderly” way (v. 11). The Greek word, used here for the only time in the Bible, suggests these people were insubordinate, much like out-of-line soldiers.

Being an effective soldier requires training, discipline, and preparation. It is essential that soldiers understand their assignment, that they know their place and follow orders carefully. Ineffective soldiers fail in one or more of these basics, and they cannot be trusted. In fact, the lack of cooperation by a few insubordinate soldiers can sabotage the effectiveness of the entire army.

The same principles apply to the body of Christ. We are like soldiers, serving in His army. To be effective, each of us needs to play our part, and follow the directions Jesus gives. Those who walk “disorderly” undermine the effectiveness of the entire body.

Make sure Jesus is your Lord and Master. Be sensitive to His leading. And make sure that you follow His orders carefully and serve Him faithfully.