Unraveling Knots

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Throughout his life, Daniel faced a series of monumental problems. This began as a young man when he and his people were exiled to a foreign land. Yet, even in this hostile environment, he was able to stay true to God, and even rise to prominence.

When facing the pressure to conform to Babylon’s dietary requirements, he was able to provide a creative solution, and a way to validate what he believed God had called him to do.

Later, he was to face a crisis after Nebuchadnezzar ordered all the wise men killed for not being able to describe and interpret a troubling dream. But Daniel was able to gain an understanding of the dream from God, and then to avert the crisis and satisfy (and amaze) the king. And he stayed faithful when other leaders attacked his faith, even surviving a sentence to a den of lions.

Indeed, throughout his life, he was able to stand up to opposition, interpret dreams, and give sound advice under difficult conditions. Through these varied circumstances, Daniel provides a model of a life in which problems were solved.

In fact, the Bible says that he could explain “enigmas” and solve “difficult problems.” This verse provides a few of the amazing characteristics of Daniel’s life. The word here translated “problems” literally means “a knot.” And the word translated “solving” means to free or unravel.

Thus his was a life of solving problems, or, more accurately, unraveling knots. By thus unraveling these knots, he set the strands free, unbinding that which would tie or bind them.

In your life, realize that, through the power of God, you too can be a problem-solver. A person who unravels knots and sets people free. As you face difficult situations, ask God for wisdom to unravel them. And then believe Him for the answers.