Unmet People

Unmet People

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

Paul’s missionary journeys brought him face-to-face with people throughout the Mediterranean region. He often became very involved in their lives, investing much time and effort. He got to know them personally and taught them personally.

But he also recognized that there always would be people he could never meet. This was one reason he spent so much energy writing letters. It might have been easy not to care as intensely about those he had never met. But when thinking about the believers in Colossae and nearby Laodicea, Paul demonstrated a deep level of compassion. In fact, he admitted that he “agonized” for them.

Paul demonstrated this concern in multiple ways. He wrote letters filled with insights and instructions. He also spent time praying for these people, specifically focusing on the “many other believers who have never met me personally.”

Think about Paul’s example. Don’t just focus on the people you know, but allow God to give you burdens for people you may never have met. Think of people in other countries, people you hear about in the news. Pray for both believers and nonbelievers. Pray for politicians and business leaders, orphans and widows, and those who may be struggling or lonely. Pray for salvation for the lost and healing for the sick.

Be open to how God may want you to respond; pray or give from the resources He has given you.