Unlimited Miracles

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

This woman already had experienced one miracle: She had been given a son late in her life, as a reward for kindnesses shown to Elisha. But after he grew up, the boy had an accident and died. Rather than giving up hope, the woman remembered the miracle of her son’s birth. Did she have faith for a miracle that seemed even more impossible?

Acting with determination, she sped to Elisha and “caught hold of his feet.” She reminded the prophet of her son’s miraculous birth. How could he now be taken away from her? The prophet sent his servant, Gehazi, to lay his staff on the child’s face. But nothing happened.

Then Elisha came to the boy and “shut the door behind them both and prayed to the LORD.” He laid on the child and “put his mouth on his mouth…and he stretched himself on him” (vs. 33-34). After walking around, he stretched himself on the child one more time. Finally, the boy sneezed and opened his eyes. The woman received her second miracle. Her son was brought back to life!

This woman demonstrated the power of persistent faith, but also the importance of preparation. Her miracles were possible because she had been faithful to support the work of God and believe Him to intervene in her life.

Are you prepared to receive your miracle? Have you laid the foundation for a turnaround in your life? Are you persistent and filled with faith, or constantly complaining and filled with doubt?

Today, remember the example of this widow. Remember her faith that God can turn around any situation. Defeat can become victory. Longstanding needs can be met in a moment.

Remember that God blesses those who seek first His Kingdom. He never runs out of miracle power, and He can perform those miracles for you!