Your Unique Calling

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

As a prophet of God, Isaiah had to learn an important lesson: If he was to serve God and accomplish the unique ministry to which he was called, Isaiah needed to be specific about God’s call.

It was not enough for Isaiah to believe in God, nor even to know Him and keep His Word. Yes, God’s commands were as true for Isaiah as they were for everyone else. And he was no different in his need for God’s forgiveness and mercy.

But Isaiah had to realize that he was a unique person, unlike anyone else. God had a special design for his life, and there were specific things he had been called to do.

God was asking specific things of Isaiah that He was asking of no one else. Isaiah had been given unique talents, gifts, and resources that the Lord had given to no other person.

However, this didn’t mean Isaiah was superior or “better” than others. It simply meant he was different and had unique assignments. Instead of being like everyone else, Isaiah was called to do unique things. And he was accountable to God to complete these unique tasks and goals.

Yet, in another way, Isaiah was no different than anyone else. For every person is unique in God’s sight. We each have been given special gifts, talents, and resources. And each of us is given unique assignments—special tasks we’re to focus on throughout our lives.

These truths apply to everyone. And they apply to you!

Today, remember that God loves you. Recognize that you are special in His sight. Thank Him for creating you uniquely, with specific gifts and talents.

And be attentive to the special assignments God has given you. Humble yourself before Him. Commit your life to Him, and seek to follow Him. Ask the Holy Spirit to empower you to accomplish the Lord’s specific purposes in your life.