Favor in Unfavorable Circumstances

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Daniel had every reason to feel apprehensive, to wonder what the future might hold. He found himself in Babylon, totally at the disposal of the leaders of that nation. He was to learn that the Babylonian authorities desired to shape his life and mold him in their image. And they had the power to enforce their will.

Daniel may have had concerns and worries. Yet he consistently retained his faith in God, and remained faithful to His Word. And, in the midst of this alien culture, Daniel experienced the favor of God.

This favor was evident throughout his life. He would be confronted with the overwhelming pressure to conform, abandon the faith of his fathers, and adopt the Babylonian religion (and worship their gods).

He certainly witnessed how other Babylonians did what was expected. And he likely was encouraged to give up his faith. God granted Daniel favor, and he stayed faithful and refused to compromise. Favor in his relationships. With leadership. In his personal and professional lives. In his health and lifestyle.

Each of us, in our own ways, faces pressures to conform. To live like the world around us and adopt its belief system. To follow what seems popular and the paths to what is promised to be worldly success.

All of these choices can be tempting. But Daniel reminds us why we need to stay faithful, and refuse to compromise. To continue serving and pleasing God, in every situation. To realize that He can give us favor in any situation. At work and church. In our families and marriages. In our finances and neighborhoods.

Today, renew your commitment to serve God. Don’t give in to pressures to conform or yield to the paths that are encouraged in the world. Trust God for His favor.