Unclaimed Inheritance

Unclaimed Inheritance

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

Government agencies in the United States recently reported that they are holding more than $60 billion in unclaimed property and missing money. In fact, California alone was holding nearly $5 billion in unclaimed property.

These funds have accumulated through unreported changes of address, name changes after marriages or divorces, clerical errors, and other situations. Funds include unclaimed tax refunds, benefit checks from Social Security, mortgage refunds, pension benefits, and bank accounts.

Year after year, these funds continue to accumulate. Yet millions of men and women are not even aware that this money exists and that the government is holding money for them. They just need to claim it.

In a similar way, many Christians have not claimed the inheritance God has prepared for them. We see this when God told His people that they would inherit “a land flowing with milk and honey.” But they had to take action. They would not receive their inheritance unless they took possession of the land. Many did. But some did not.

Today, realize that God has prepared untold blessings for you. But you need to “possess the land” to claim your full inheritance. Don’t be ignorant of how much God desires to bless you. And don’t be content with less than all God has prepared for you. As you read His Word, realize that all of His promises are true for you right now.