Unchangeable Truth

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Tensions throughout Europe had sparked what we know as World War I. Yet, as conflicts intensified on the battlefields, national leaders continued to talk, developing policies and strategies, trying to develop the appropriate response.

It was in this spirit that, on this day in 1914, Sir William Edward Goschen, the British Ambassador in Berlin, called on German Chancellor Theobald von Bethmann-Hollweg. Goschen had been instructed by his government to learn if Germany would refrain from violating Belgian neutrality in their military assault.

According to Goschen, Bethmann- Hollweg “began a harangue.” From his perspective, British opposition to German actions was “terrible.” Why would they be willing to go to war “just for a word—neutrality?” To Bethmann-Hollweg, this word “had so often been disregarded.” He could not believe that Great Britain would go to war “just for a scrap of paper.”

But the British could not ignore their treaties or commitments. Goschen said it was “a matter of ‘life and death’ for the honor of Great Britain that she should keep her solemn engagement to do her utmost to defend Belgium’s neutrality if attacked.” To them, this agreement was not just a “scrap of paper,” but a commitment.

Many people view God’s Word as nothing but a “scrap of paper,” following it when it is convenient, interpreting it in their own way. Ignoring it when they choose. But God told us that His Word is Truth itself. It is powerful and can change our lives. Its principles give us success. And we pay a price when we disobey.

Today, remember that God Himself has given you the Bible. It is not just filled with arbitrary words on paper. Every part is true! Its principles are the keys to success. And its prophecies provide sure insights into coming events.

Make sure to base your life on His Word.