Unbelieving Disciples

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

There might have been many people Jesus could have called “unbelieving and perverted.” But Jesus used these words to describe His own disciples.

When Jesus and His disciples approached a crowd, a man came up to Jesus, and fell on his knees. He had a son who was very ill, described as a “lunatic.” This son had many problems, including often falling into fire and water. The man had brought his son to Jesus’ disciples, but “they could not cure him.”

Jesus’ first response was not toward the man but His disciples. He called them, “You unbelieving and perverted generation.” What exactly was He saying?

The Greek word translated as “unbelieving” indicates that they were not worthy of confidence. They were not trustworthy or faithful. And the word translated as “perverted” indicates turning, twisting, or distorting.

In short, Jesus’ disciples had “turned aside” from what He had taught. They were not being trustworthy with what they had been given. They acted as though they really did not believe Him and were reluctant to use the authority He had given them. They had “turned aside” and not acted with confidence.

Jesus solved the problem quickly and directly: He rebuked the demon and it came out of the boy. He did not just talk about power and authority. He exercised it through His actions, just as the disciples had earlier demonstrated that they were “unbelieving and perverted.”

Jesus looks at us in similar ways. If we read His Word, we know the power and authority that we’ve been given. We know our assignment is to be ambassadors of His Kingdom. To teach, heal, and bring freedom to captives.

The question is, what is the fruit of our lives? Are we acting with faith, or filled with doubt and uncertainty? Let’s believe God!