Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

To the skeptics, this entire story could seem like fiction. Perhaps an exaggeration. Could these events possibly have taken place?

On the surface, this seemed like just another prayer meeting. But this was different.These believers sought God with a unified spirit. They were committed and focused, with prayers packed with references to His Word. Reminders of His promises.

In light of threats they faced, they positioned themselves as His servants and asked Him to help them speak His words. In Jesus’ name, to allow them to perform “signs and wonders,” and healing. They prayed that God would enable them to speak with confidence.

God confirmed His presence in such a powerful way that the building itself was “shaken.” But they were to experience a continuing series of changes. These men and women found themselves transformed in dramatic ways. They spoke with a new kind of boldness. They became more sensitive to God’s presence, and more confident in their relationship with Him.

They had no doubt that God was real. That He was with them. They had been changed by His presence. All fears were gone. They were totally committed to the Gospel. Unafraid of any opposition.

Was this just a story? An exaggeration? As we read the account, it is hard to imagine these men and women fabricating an event of such a magnitude.

If this event really occurred for them, could it happen for us? Is this just a story about an event many years ago? Or is this something that could happen in our lifetime? For you?

How do you respond? How confident are you that God is with you? Can He still do dramatic things through you? Can He still shake our world? Your life? Can miracles still take place for you?