Two Sons Who Turned Around

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

A man had two sons. One seemed cooperative and responsive, while the other wanted to go his own way.

These character traits emerged after their father asked both to work in his vineyard. The first son had other ideas, and he told his father he would not go. The other son promised to go, but later changed his mind. How disappointing this must have been to the father!

But the father received a pleasant surprise. The son who had said he wouldn’t go also changed his mind, and he actually went to work in the vineyard.

Jesus was teaching us that each of us faces situations in which we have an opportunity to make commitments and promises. We may have good intentions, but we must realize that, by our actions, we will be like one of these two sons. Will we actually do what our Father wants? Or will we be full of empty promises and do something else, not concerned about the consequences?

Life for both sons changed after they took action. One might have been reluctant at first, but he wisely chose a path toward blessing and pleasing his father. The other, although initially wanting to obey and please him, ultimately decided to choose the easier path and go his own way.

Today, think about the promises and decisions you have made. Have you been faithful to your commitments?

Remember that others are looking at your life, looking to see what you will do. If you discover that you have made wrong choices, ask God to give you the courage to change.