Twisting What Is Straight

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

In the beginning, everything was simple and clear. God made the world, and established its foundations, the principles that governed everything about life. But this clarity was clouded by sin when people, beginning with Adam and Eve, chose to disobey God and assert their own interpretations.

God still offers clarity for those who believe that His principles are still true. Yet many elect to defy Him. To develop their own standards. Just looking at the world, we are reminded of how easy it can be to drift from truth, and embrace deception. This is what the Bible describes as twisting the things that are straight.

The fact is that, every day, each of us has opportunities to compromise what we know is right. To bend the rules for our own advantage. To embrace deceit. To justify actions to benefit ourselves, regardless of God’s standards.

But those who “twist everything that is straight” cannot be blessed by God. In fact, they are rejecting Him. Ignoring Him. They may think their actions are justified, but eventually they will stand before Him and answer for their actions. What will be their justification then?

The Bible reminds us that God’s Word is true and incorruptible. With Him, there is no room for compromise. Truth simply is truth. He offers us His blessing, but we cannot expect His help if we go our own way and defy Him.

Today, ask God to search your heart and mind. Seek to be in complete harmony with Him. Think for a moment: Are you embracing any form of deception, or trying to twist the truth for your own advantage? Make a commitment to please Him all the time. To live according to His truth.