Turning Back

Turning Back

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

The men of Ephraim were trained archers. Yet, when facing an enemy in battle, they concluded that defeat was certain. They decided not to try, turning back without an effort.

But they had everything they needed for victory. God had prepared them for this moment. He equipped them and gave them His promises. They could draw on His strength and wisdom. But instead of moving forward in faith, they chose to give in to doubt. They forgot His promises, His past blessings, and the miracles He had performed.

At times, we too might feel like turning back from our battles. The conditions may not seem favorable. Our adversaries may appear to have advantages. We may be afraid, lack confidence, or feel inadequate. We may be tired and weary.

Trusting in ourselves, we can become discouraged. We turn aside even though God has prepared us and equipped us for success. We accept defeat when a victory can be ours!

The Bible assures us that God is with us in every situation. He is ready to give you strength and wisdom and guide you. He will provide what you need. His Word shows us steps that lead to victory. But you must believe Him, obey Him, and move forward in faith.

Do not “turn back in the day of battle.” Go forward with confidence. Trust that God already has given you everything you need! He is with you right now.