Turnaround for a Cripple

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Mephibosheth had every reason to be afraid. He was crippled, a condition that overshadowed every part of his life. He considered himself to be nothing but a “dead dog,” trapped in what seemed like a hopeless existence.

He felt forced to live in hiding. Why? Because he was a grandson of Saul, the disgraced former king. It was assumed that the new king, David, might want to make his own throne secure by putting to death any of Saul’s relatives, so they couldn’t threaten his rule.

However, Mephibosheth did not know King David. Although David could be a fierce warrior, he also was a man who had a heart that pleased God (1 Samuel 16:7). And Mephibosheth didn’t realize David had made a promise to his father, Jonathan, to show kindness to his descendants (1 Samuel 20:13-15).

When David remembered this promise, he looked for ways to keep his word. And when Mephibosheth was identified and brought to Jerusalem, David assured him that he had nothing to fear.

Mephibosheth’s life completely turned around. Why? Because of the kindness of David…because he was a man of his word…and because of the covenant relationship he had with Jonathan.

Many others throughout history have faced conditions that seem hopeless. Many people like this, in fact, came to Jesus, bringing the “lame, crippled, blind, mute, and many others…and He healed them.” The crowds marveled at how the sick and needy received Jesus’ miraculous help (Matthew 15:30-31).

Today, Jesus still offers hope for seemingly hopeless situations. He cares for you and can heal any disease or open any door. Trust Him to turn around any difficult situations you face.