Turnaround at Tyre

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

The mighty Macedonian army, under Alexander the Great, was on the way. Yet the people of Tyre felt prepared. Their island city had walls 150 feet high, built on the edge of the sea to make attack difficult. They had catapults and other weapons, as well as a strong naval force. And they had defeated every previous adversary.

But Alexander was determined to gain control over this strategic city. His forces began a siege in January 332 BC, first by constructing a causeway from the mainland toward the island. But the Tyrians attacked the builders and burned their siege towers. And the causeway was submerged by sea waters.

Yet Alexander would not give up. After building a new causeway and towers, his first assault failed, but eventually a weak spot was discovered. He carefully prepared a coordinated assault, involving all of his forces. This time, the battle succeeded. Tyre was burned, and Alexander gained control of the city that many thought could not be conquered. Although 8,000 Tyrians died in the battle, Alexander lost only 400 troops.

Alexander succeeded because of his persistence and wisdom as a warrior. He was aggressive and bold, and his forces worked together as one.

The Israelites, too, faced a city that seemed unconquerable (Joshua 6). Jericho seemed to have all the advantages, including walls that seemed impregnable. But God gave the Israelites a plan for success. The seemingly indestructible walls fell down, and the Israelites gained a complete victory.

The Bible says faith was the key to that victory. Though the situation seemed hopeless, the Israelites believed God and showed their faith through their actions.

As you face your battles, remember that that God’s Word gives the principles for success. Seek His wisdom. Let Him guide you. Move forward boldly until the “walls” fall down before you.