Turnaround After a Life of Sin

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

For Manasseh, it seemed like the end had come. He had been captured “with hooks” and taken to Babylon, bound with bronze chains. One of the worst kings in Judah’s history, he could not have expected much sympathy or mercy.

Just 12 years old when he became king, his years on the throne were dominated by wickedness. He worshiped false gods and even practiced witchcraft, divination, and sorcery. He had paid no attention when God tried to warn him.

But then something remarkable happened. He “humbled himself greatly” before God, who heard and answered his prayer. Manasseh’s eyes were opened to the impact of his mistakes and sins. He realized the importance of living according to God’s Word. And he was returned to Jerusalem, where he began a second phase as the ruler. This time he sought to serve God.

What an amazing turnaround. In spite of the evil Manasseh had done in the past, the Lord was moved by his genuine repentance and humility.

As Manasseh’s life demonstrates, God has given us His Word, and He promises blessings if we obey. But Scripture warns that there are consequences if we ignore Him and live in sin, for we always reap what we sow.

This story also demonstrates that God can turn around any situation. He can change anyone’s life, even a person as wicked as Manasseh.

This is true not only for you, but also your loved ones and other people you know. He can turn around any situation that you face and the life of any person who repents and calls on Him.

Go ahead and humble yourself. Ask Him for miracles. Believe Him for a turnaround!