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Today, Leonardo da Vinci is recognized as one of history’s greatest artists. A true genius. Yet, in many ways, his life largely was the record of failure.

Scholar Ross King tells how Leonardo hoped to find work as an architect, but “his wooden model for a domed tower for Milan’s half-built cathedral was rejected.” He tried to get the job of designing and casting the bronze doors for Piacenza Cathedral, but received no response.

Although Leonardo drew up detailed plans to redevelop the city of Milan, “not a single part of this plan was ever adopted or constructed.” He designed many military weapons, but these remained largely undeveloped. He was commissioned to sculpt a massive bronze statue, yet was never completed, despite years of labor.

Leonardo’s breakthrough came when he was commissioned to paint a “Last Supper” scene in the refectory of Santa Marie delle Grazie. When it was completed, it became clear that he was an extraordinary artistic genius. He succeeded this time because he seized the opportunity and finally brought a project to completion.

In our Christian lives, we might face many obstacles and closed doors. We may seem to fail at times. But we need to remember the importance of persistence.

Jesus told a parable about a man who went to his friend at midnight. The friend would not open the door but, as the man persisted, everything changed. He finally received what he needed “because of his persistence.”

As Jesus taught, we must be persistent in order to find success. As we continue to ask, seek, and knock, we can be confident that God will hear our prayers. The door “will be opened.”

If you face challenges or delays, don’t become discouraged. Trust in God. Stay faithful. Refuse to give up. Continue to believe, and persevere in your prayers.