Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

In our time, “trust is a diminishing resource for today’s businesses.” These are the conclusions of social media guru, Pete Blackshaw. As his research confirms, distrust is higher than ever among consumers, fostered by the explosive growth in social media.

Many consumers, in fact, are more likely to distrust businesses than trust them. And efforts to gain trust often backfire as people increasingly resent actions that appear manipulative. As Blackshaw commented, “Now, even the most trusting consumers ask: Is the company real and sincere?…Are its motivations pure or manipulative?”

The key, he says, is to be credible. And the most important element in building credibility is trust. Why is trust so important? It “implies confidence, dependability, and faith in a company or product. It is achieved through honest, ethical, straightforward, consistent, and predictable business practices.”

This trust needs to be demonstrated and cultivated, as consumers have proven less likely to focus on positive experiences and more likely to share a negative experience.

The Bible put the issue of trust in context when Solomon asked this profound question: “Who can find a trustworthy man?” Trustworthiness was very rare in his time, just as it is today.

Thinking about our own experiences, we can confirm that trustworthiness is comparatively rare. Can we find a repairman who will arrive as scheduled? A product that fulfills the advertised promises? A worker who will deliver a project on time? Someone we can trust with a sensitive assignment?

We even see these patterns applying to our faith, realizing that many people are skeptical about the Gospel and quick to judge Christians. Yes, it can be easy to criticize others. But God calls each of us to examine our own lives.

In your life, seek to be trustworthy. Cultivate a reputation for faithfulness, both to other Believers and the world. Demonstrate that the Gospel is true and able to change lives.