Trusting God

Trusting God

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

The Bible makes this amazing promise: If we trust God, we “will lack no good thing.” The message is clear: God does not want us to suffer or be in want. He wants us to prosper in all things (3 John 1:2). Think about it: God wants you to prosper! In all things!

If we want this prosperity, we need to realize that everything we have comes from God in the first place. We prepare our hearts for blessings by focusing on Him in every situation. We look to Him as our Provider. We should not hope in our jobs, money, other people, or anything else.

Our task is to be good stewards of these resources. We are not to hide or bury them or hoard the things He provides but to invest them. But rather, we are to sow seeds with the time, talents, and treasures we have been given. We need to realize that we have been blessed so that we might bless others.

Today, don’t doubt but believe God’s promise that He desires to bless you spiritually, physically, financially, and healthfully. Start down the path to greater blessings by declaring your faith in Him. Seek God about your needs and problems. And sow seeds with the resources you have been given. As you trust Him, be confident that you will never lack any good thing.