True Reverence for God

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Picture Heaven in all its glory, color, and majesty, splendor, and grandeur, with sounds that resonate with unimaginable beauty. It’s a picture that our human minds cannot really comprehend.

Yet, through His Word, God has given us accurate glimpses of Heaven. As John learned in the revelation he was given, it’s a place filled with overwhelming praise and worship.

We also know that Heaven is God’s throne, the place from where He rules the universe. There, He sees the actions of individuals and nations.

We can wonder what impresses God. As He surveys life on earth, what really stands out?

The Bible tells us that He is not impressed with buildings or businesses, our skills or accomplishments. No. This is the one to whom He looks: those who are “humble and contrite of spirit,” those who tremble at His Word.

All Believers can look forward to spending eternity with God. But if we want to please Him right now, we will humble ourselves, fall at His feet, and worship Him with our lives. We will seek first His Kingdom and really revere His Word.

Right now, make sure that God is on the throne of your life. Be filled with His Spirit, fully submitted to Him in your words and deeds, mind and heart. Be humble before Him. Make His Word the standard of your life, and treat it with honor. Speak it and read it. Be in awe of His Word.