True Priceless Treasure

True Priceless Treasure

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

The world kept shrinking. The empire created by Alexander the Great introduced countless Europeans to the delights of Asia. As part of this exchange, merchants traveling by sea and land brought their wares from faraway China.

Romans, Persians, and Egyptians exchanged ideas and brought new standards in fashion and comfort to the rest of the world. The Roman Empire, with its fabled road system, made widespread travel more convenient and safe.

Men such as the magi were part of this ever-expanding cavalcade. Some, like the magi, seemed driven by religion or their studies of the skies. Others were motivated by riches or science. All were curious and willing to travel long distances to test their theories and seek out new lands.

What these magi discovered in Judea must have both thrilled and puzzled them. Many of their expectations had been fulfilled. They had seen a child who was the King they sought.

But this child was not draped in luxury, but rather in humble conditions. Far from being greeted with reverence and acclaim, He seemed almost to be an outcast, not celebrated by the ruling elite class.

Today, we see the impact of a global economy everywhere. Merchandise produced in distant lands fills our stores. Stories about people thousands of miles away often dominate our news. Yet the most precious news continues to be the Babe found in the manger. This priceless treasure is worthy of our worship.