True Freedom

True Freedom

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

As a child in Poland, Josef Hofmann demonstrated extraordinary abilities as a pianist. Born on this day in 1876, he later settled in the United States, becoming the director of the Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia, an acclaimed musician, and the instructor of some of the world’s brightest pianists.

Through his years of teaching, he observed that many musicians never fulfilled their potential because they became carried away with “freedom.” He once said, “You cannot imagine how much your ‘freedom’ distorts the music you play…Your ‘freedom’ is license, not liberty. Real freedom comes from discipline.” That discipline provided grounding to the music and allowed true freedom to emerge.

To many people, this idea may seem strange. Freedom can sound so inviting, with the opportunity to be independent. Many have this attitude toward spiritual things and life itself. They think they do not need to be concerned about God’s Word, and imagine that they can find fulfillment and satisfaction through their kind of “freedom.”

The Bible reminds us of a basic truth – that we become slaves to whomever we obey, and whatever we allow to dominate our lives. In fact, true freedom comes from surrendering our lives to the lordship of Jesus Christ. Living in obedience to God and His Word.

Every day, you face real choices. Remember this Biblical truth: If you want God’s fullest blessings, fulfillment, and freedom, you need to surrender your life to Him. Renew that commitment today. He can give you true freedom.