True Character

True Character

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Jesus was riding the crest of popular support. “Large crowds followed Him” and “news about Him spread throughout all Syria” (Matthew 4:24-25). People came from everywhere, wanting to be healed. They marveled at the miracles He performed and the insights from His teaching. He gave hope to many who were discouraged by Roman control.

Interest intensified during Passover when He entered Jerusalem. Many hoped He would bring deliverance and freedom. “Many believed in His name.” From a human perspective, this would have been the ideal moment to build momentum and launch a new campaign.

But Jesus had a different perspective. He knew all this attention was short lived. He knew many would follow Him for a season but then move on. He also knew something deeper about the dangers of entrusting Himself to them. Jesus had insights into human nature. He knew how easily people change their minds.

These patterns would be confirmed later in His ministry. Some people stopped following Him when they didn’t agree with His teaching. Even His own disciples abandoned Him when they faced opposition.

Jesus looks at the way people act in our time. He knows what is in our hearts – our real human nature. He understands how easily we can be swept along in popular movements and how quickly everything can change.

Ask God to give you discernment about the people and movements in the world. Seek to serve Him. Seek first His kingdom.