Triumphant Weapons

Triumphant Weapons

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Charles the Great (Charles 1 of France, or Charlemagne) was one of history’s most important leaders. Born on this day in AD 742, he lived at a time when Christians were under assault. Some even doubted that Christianity would survive. A recent biography describes how Celtic missionaries influenced Charlemange to develop a passion for the Gospel and the importance of serving God.

He became aware that paganism and Christianity were locked in a battle to the death. Feeling called to be the chosen leader of the Christian world, Charlemange believed passionately in God and his appointed task. As a result, he was willing to go into battle, confident that every conquest was for God’s glory.

As king of the Franks, Charlemagne led his people in victorious campaigns and united most of the Christian lands of Western Europe. By today’s standards, some of his practices might seem questionable, but he was zealously committed to defend Christianity. His accomplishments were recognized when he was crowned the first Holy Roman Emperor on Christmas Day, AD 800.

Today, we too are involved in spiritual warfare. We live in times when many are determined to eradicate Christianity. We face opposition – in education, politics, entertainment, and every other area. Many atheists and skeptics ridicule anyone with Christian beliefs. We must be on guard, and we must take a stand.

Do not take this war lightly but be a committed soldier in the battle. Engage in spiritual warfare. Pray. Boldly stand on God’s Word. And do not accept defeat!