The Treasure in Your Life

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Overnight a painting became the subject of a worldwide mystery. The painting, “Snowy Mountain” by contemporary Chinese artist Cui Ruzhuo, had been sold at an auction in a Hong Kong hotel for around $3.7 million. But then it disappeared! No one seemed sure what had happened to the painting.

However, media reports described how security footage showed a guard kicking the painting into a pile of garbage. Soon officials in Hong Kong searched through landfills in the region. But the painting seemed to have disappeared without a trace. Perhaps it had been simply tossed into the trash.

What seemed likely was that the painting, which moments earlier spawned a massive bidding frenzy by collectors, was deemed worthless by others. Never guessing that they had a treasure in their hands, they treated this work of art as nothing more than garbage.

Tragically, many people go through life unaware of the treasure that already is available to them. Jesus described how someday people would realize what they missed during His earthly ministry. Despite having an opportunity to hear and see Him, gleaning wisdom greater than that of Solomon, their eyes were closed and their minds were made up.

Today, ask God to give you a clearer perspective on the possessions and priorities in your life. What treasures has He already given you? What valuable relationships has He already provided? What new experiences does He have waiting for you? What doors are ready to open?

Don’t race through life, ignoring the “gold” God has given you. Be alert to the treasures He puts in your hands, ready to seize the opportunities He presents to you.