Transformed by God’s Presence

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Ezekiel did not speak because he wanted to speak, nor to share his personal opinions. He spoke because of the direction of God Himself: for “the hand of the Lord was upon him.”

God trusted that Ezekiel would speak His words faithfully. But the Hebrew words here indicate that instead of just “giving” him words, God allowed him to enter a deeper dimension.

This dimension is available to every Believer today, for God calls us to become more sensitive to His presence. As we humble ourselves before Him, we can become His vessels.

Most people in the world only see the superficial things of life, and they’re blind to this deeper dimension. But God gives us an opportunity to be transformed by His presence. Peter, James, and John had this kind of experience when they witnessed Jesus’ transfiguration (Matthew 17:1-8).

The transformation of our lives begins when we are born again (John 3:3). Our eyes are opened to the world and God’s Kingdom in new ways. We see world events in a new light and with a different perspective. And through the presence of the Holy Spirit, we can learn to hear from God and sense His guidance. And we can know His conviction when we sin or displease Him.

We also gain a new perspective on His Word. We discover its miraculous power. We don’t debate authorship, for we know that these are words given by God in moments of true inspiration, when His hand was upon His servants.

In your life, don’t be blinded by the things of the world. Grow spiritually by developing a more personal, intimate relationship with God. Let Him speak to you and guide you. Make sure that you fill your life with His Word and are sensitive to His Spirit. Be ready to hear, committed to obeying and serving Him.