Touching Jesus With Hope

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

This woman had run out of options. Nothing had worked. She’d suffered with persistent pain for twelve years. Desperate for a solution, she’d visited physicians, spending “all that she had.” But, instead of getting better, she “had grown worse” (v. 26).

Then she heard about Jesus, and she felt hope. When she found Him, He was surrounded by a crowd. But nothing would stop her. She worked her way through until she was close enough to touch His cloak. Just to touch! She had the faith to believe that “if I just touch His garments, I will get well.” With that touch, she was healed! Immediately, her whole life was turned around.

Many people are struggling with physical problems, finances, relationships, addictions or unhealthy habits, depression or anxiety. Their careers may seem to have reached a dead end. They may have unfulfilled hopes…and they may have given up.

Yet some, like this woman, realize that there is hope in Jesus. They are willing to reach out with all the faith they have. They commit themselves to seek Him, willing to push through the crowds or any other distraction in order to touch Him.

If you face situations that seem impossible, remember this woman. When nothing seems to work, Jesus can turn your life around, if you’ll reach out and touch Him. If you feel weak and hopeless, call on Him. Call on Him…now! Reach out to Him in faith. He can turn any situation around for you.