Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Does a physical touch really make a difference in human relationships? A scientific study recently was conducted to examine this very subject.

For this experiment, some money was left in a phone booth. A trained observer watched as people entered the booth. Many took the money and placed it in their pocket.

As each of these people left the booth, the observer casually asked each person if he or she had found any lost money. During that conversation, the researcher did not touch some participants, but physically touched others. It was a touch so “insignificant” that most people did not remember the touch at all.

But that touch made a huge difference in the results of the test. More of the people who were touched returned the money than those who were not. Human touch had made a profound difference in ways people didn’t even realize.

The people all around Jesus knew how powerful His touch could be. They rushed to touch Him and knew that “healing power went out from him.” Touching can play a vital role in our lives as well. God has given us the ability and opportunity to touch others. This can be a physical touch, but it also can be emotional, financial, or spiritual.

Today, ask God to show you how you can touch the people all around you. Some need encouragement. Some need to know that someone cares. Some need love. Some need healing. Be an instrument for God and allow Him to use you to touch others.