Too Difficult?

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Thales was awed by Egyptian pyramids. A man who lived from 624–548 BC, he had come to Egypt from Greece to learn their ancient secrets, insights he would develop as the first modern mathematician.

Curious about the largest of the pyramids at Giza, he asked the height of the highest pyramid. But no one knew. How, they wondered, could the height be determined without climbing to the top?

So Thales developed a methodology that enabled him to calculate its height. Tradition tells us that his calculations were based on his own shadow, comparing the formulas he developed with the shadows cast by the pyramid. In the process, he solved a problem that seemed impossible.

Daniel, too, faced a problem that seemed impossible. The king was asking for something that was not merely impractical, but inconceivable. Troubled by a dream, he demanded that this dream be interpreted without ever telling the dream itself. And he promised to tear his advisers “limb from limb” if they failed to deliver. Moreover, their houses would be “made a rubbish heap.”

Daniel knew that no human could do what the king asked. But he realized that God could do things that were impossible for any person. He joined with his friends to seek God, and He gave him the answer. As Daniel explained to the king, God “reveals mysteries.” He “knows what is in the darkness,” and gives “knowledge to men of understanding.”

Do you face problems that seem “too difficult”? Are there challenges before you that seem impossible to solve? Your first response might be to complain or give up. But Daniel would tell you to turn to God. Seek Him in faith, uniting your heart with other Believers. Commit your needs to Him. And believe that all things are possible with God.