Tiny but Powerful

Tiny but Powerful

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

The world can seem so complicated. Each of the billions of people has their own opinions, their own personal stories, and experiences. Their own personality, interests, and genetic make-up. Each of the thousands of cultures has its own history and traditions.

We see the impact as these people interact daily. Sometimes there is harmony and compatibility, but often there are various kinds of conflicts, ranging from polite competitions to all-out wars.

We need to understand that the fundamental truths about the Gospel are exceedingly simple. And they apply to everything in life: business, government, education, relationships, thoughts, and emotions.

Jesus described God’s Kingdom as being “like a tiny mustard seed.” Miniscule. But also packed with meaning and power. Every life-changing principle and all the power and the truths of the Gospel are condensed into this small package.

These truths contain many applications and nuances. But the foundation is exceedingly simple and applies to all people in all cultures. This is why we need to learn the truth, focus on God, and start with Him – not to make things complicated but to trust in Him. Seek Him, just like little children. Place a higher priority on knowing Him than on developing our own opinions.

Ask God to give you insight into His truths. Trust Him. Believe Him. Build everything on the foundational principles of His Word and the truths of His Kingdom.