Timothy’s Assignment

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Paul had given Timothy an assignment to stay in Ephesus, where he was to instruct Believers. Paul was concerned because some had developed serious errors and were wasting time pursuing the wrong goals.

These Believers needed to be warned not to “teach strange doctrines” or “pay attention to myths and endless genealogies.” Why? Because these subjects easily could distract them, fuel gossip, and dominate their time.

As Believers focused on these issues, they could find themselves neglecting the central issues of their faith, such as maturing as Believers, studying the Word, praying, worshipping, and impacting others with their testimony.

Many in Ephesus spent time in these distractions. Some even wanted to be church leaders. Such people might have had much knowledge and thought they understood spiritual truths, but Paul knew that they did not “understand” (v. 7). Their thinking was wrong.

They had left the path on which they were supposed to walk and had dedicated themselves to “fruitless discussion” (v. 6). These discussions were vain, self-centered, and empty. Instead of being focused on God’s Kingdom or the spiritual lives of Believers, they were dominated by “mere speculation.”

Today, the world is filled with many “strange doctrines” and deceptive concepts. There are countless ideas that sound appealing, but which in reality are harmful and misleading. Many people are sidetracked with “fruitless discussions” and “mere speculation.”

Ask God to search your mind and give you discernment and understanding. Allow Him to correct you where you might be wrong. Focus on His goals for you. Base your life on His Word, and don’t allow your life to be dominated by distracting issues or “mere speculation.”