This Year as Your Seed

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

At the dawn of creation, God established a principle that was central to life: The importance of seeds. He said that the earth would bring forth plants with seeds, and each seed would yield fruit according to its kind. This truth is confirmed to us every day, as we’re surrounded by trees, flowers, grass, and other seed-bearing plants.

This principle applies to every created organism. Every person, fish, and animal began as a seed. And the principle had broader applications as well, for we see various kinds of “seeds” that have given birth to ideas, businesses, and relationships.

These are important principles to remember as we look forward toward a new year. Although we don’t know what the future will hold, this is a special moment to think of our lives as a seed. Our time, talents, gifts, and resources all are seeds we can invest for a future harvest.

Today, and in the year ahead, we have choices about what we will do and how we will spend our time. The Bible tells us that God wants to give us a harvest of blessings. But in order to receive this harvest, we must take action and plant the seeds we have been given. If we hold on to our seeds, God will not have an opportunity to multiply them.

As you approach the new year, make a commitment to plant seeds with your time, talent, and treasure. Then trust God for an increase!