Things That Are Eternal

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

To many in Rome, Hannibal seemed invincible. This general from Rome’s greatest adversary (Carthage, in northern Africa) had done what seemed impossible: leading his army across the Alps for an unprecedented invasion of Roman territory.

The invasion culminated in a battle fought on this day in 216 BC near Cannae, located east of Rome. The Romans, determined to expel this occupying force, sent a massive army, hoping to guarantee a win. They seemed to have every advantage. Yet, employing revolutionary tactics and strategies, Hannibal and his forces achieved total victory. This still is counted as among the greatest military victories in history, one studied by military experts.

Yet, within a few years of this triumph, Hannibal and his army had to give up everything they had gained. They could not sustain their presence in a foreign land and were forced to return to Carthage. They had won overwhelming battles, but eventually they lost the war with Rome. And Carthage itself was completely destroyed.

Many people live only for day-to-day triumphs. For the temporary things of this world. But God looks at our lives from the perspective of eternity. He wants us to be victorious not just today, but in eternity. He wants to meet our immediate needs, but even more important is our eternal standing with Him. And He wants us to realize that His blessings change our lives.

In your life, commit yourself to serve God and His Kingdom. Do not place your hope on the “things which are seen.” They are temporary at best. Make sure that you seek the Kingdom that will last forever, and live to achieve an eternal reward for your labor.