The World’s Wisdom

The World’s Wisdom

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

According to ancient records, Plato was born on this day in 427/8 BC. After studying under the revolutionary philosopher Socrates, Plato traveled throughout the Mediterranean world before returning to Athens. There he established his own school of philosophy, carrying on the style of thinking initiated by Socrates. One of his trademark techniques was the written dialogue. These conversations provided an opportunity to both share information and exchange ideas.

Plato was so convinced of the importance of philosophical training because he believed that the problems in society would never be solved until philosophers become the “kings in this world,” or until current rulers become philosophers. This, he believed, was the only path “to happiness, either for society or the individual.”

But history has proven that philosophical training has not been as foolproof as Plato thought. Merely being trained in philosophy or knowing worldly wisdom has not resulted automatically in happiness or solved human problems.

The fact is that those who gain worldly wisdom fall short of God’s wisdom. As Paul wrote, all of this worldly wisdom is folly to Him. “The foolishnes of God is wiser than men” (v. 25). True wisdom comes to those who surrender their lives to Jesus and live according to Biblical principles.

Today, realize that true wisdom comes from God. Fill your mind with His Word. Seek His discernment and understanding. Ask Him to transform you and change you by His Spirit.