The World’s Guarantees

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Many thought they had discovered a guaranteed way to make money in the cattle industry, which emerged after the American Civil War to become a dominant business.

The potential developed as Texas ranchers, needing revenue, realized the growing market for their longhorn cattle. Americans had developed an appetite for beef and rising prices made the effort more attractive.

A man who invested heavily commented, “There is not the slightest element of uncertainty in cattle-raising. No livestock company has ever failed to pay large dividends.” He concluded: “Many persons have made princely fortunes from the business.”

Another wrote that this was “the grandest opportunity.” That “there are no uncertain risks” and “the losses are almost nothing.” This kind of confidence attracted many speculators and investors. It seemed simple: Just raise some cattle and bring them to market. Even European royalty could see the potential and many invested.

But these men discovered that their conclusions were wrong. In fact, the cattle business had limits. There was a boom, followed by a major economic downturn, caused by too many cattle, the spread of disease, and various economic factors. Many lost their fortunes. The guarantees of success proved to be hollow promises.

How easy it can be to think we know the future and how to succeed. But the Bible warns about our limits. How life itself is like “a vapor that appears for a little time and then vanishes away.”

In your life, trust in God. Seek His wisdom for every decision. Remember that His Kingdom never will fade away. And these investments generate an eternal reward.