The Winning Athlete

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Why are some athletes more successful than others? Talent and ability are obvious factors. But they aren’t enough. Many point to preparation and perseverance. Legendary basketball coach Jim Valvano encouraged athletes, “Never give up!” The apostle Paul reminded his friend Timothy that one central factor was focusing on winning the prize, with a relentless determination to achieve that goal. As they seek to win, athletes must be ready to do whatever it takes to be prepared.

The same principles apply to our Christian lives. The Bible says our lives are like a race, and we can’t expect to win this race unless we have the same kind of attitude that inspires victorious athletes. We need to learn the rules, and play by them, always committed to victory. Many fail to win because they complain and resist the discipline and preparation they need. Others become tired and discouraged.

If you want to “win the prize” in life, remember that God is your creator. He established laws and principles that govern all life, for you and everyone else. Live according to the rules found in His Word. This means submitting your life to Him and voluntarily agreeing to listen to Him, learn from Him, and obey Him.

Today, ask God to give you the attitude of a champion athlete, with a commitment to win. Fill your heart and mind with truths from the Bible. Dedicate yourself to prayer, asking for His guidance, help, and wisdom. Cooperate with Him, as He seeks to give you the discipline, skills, and training you will need for victory.