The Wild West

The Wild West

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Frederic Remington captured the essence of America’s Wild West. Born on this day in 1861, he grew up in a family with abundant first-hand experiences. After studying art, he traveled widely throughout America’s plains, gaining more insights.

He even learned from his own failed ventures of owning a sheep ranch and a saloon. With perspective developed from these experiences, he was able to paint realistic images that felt authentic and conveyed drama.

Remington produced many paintings for popular journals. As the National Gallery of Art articulates, he “established himself as an accurate observer of western life at a time when eastern audiences were eager for images of the Far West.”

The images he captured came to life, overwhelming with movement. The people seemed realistic. Even today, his paintings present breathtaking insights into life on the prairie. At the same time, we can picture how conditions could be hard, dangerous, and uncertain.

Life in the West, in some ways, resembled Canaan before it was settled by the Israelites. God wanted them to follow His directions and be guided by His laws. But in many ways, this remained an unruly place – like the West – where “everyone did what was right in his own eyes.” But to those who would listen, God was ready to bring peace and order.

God still offers us His peace for all who trust Him and who live according to His Word. Make Jesus the Lord of your life.