The Voice of Jesus

The Voice of Jesus

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Johannes Brahms became a celebrated composer, primarily writing chamber and orchestral music as well as pieces for piano and voice. Born in 1833, he had not always lived an exemplary life. But when approaching death, his thoughts turned to spiritual things, particularly while writing music for organ.

In that final group of compositions, Brahms wrote a particularly moving variation on the hymn tune “Liebster Jesu.” The music had become the basis for the hymn, “Dearest Jesus, We Are Here,” written by Tobias Clausnitzer in 1663. This hymn became known in the English-speaking world through a translation by Catherine Winkworth.

This hymn often has been sung during church services right before a sermon, helping prepare hearts to focus on the message. It contained a prayer that listeners would hear from Jesus. Having gathered to hear Him, their prayer was, “Let our hearts and souls be stirred now to seek and love and fear you … By your gospel pure and holy, teach us, Lord, to love you solely.”

This hymn inspired others, including Johann Sebastian Bach years earlier, who wrote a chorale adapted from this hymn. Why did this music bless so many people? More than just having a nice melody, its message was powerful. Like people during Jesus’ ministry, people loved to hear His voice and soak in the truths from His Word.

Quiet your heart. Read the words of Jesus. Pray. Listen. Ponder His truths. Ask Him to speak to you.