The Storms of Life

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

The prophet Nahum pictured God as the creative force behind the cataclysmic events of nature. The whirlwinds and storms. The quaking of mountains and turbulent seas. The sheer power of nature can be frightening, and cause panic and uncertainty, particularly for those who do not know God.

But Nahum saw another perspective. He knew that everything changes when we really know God. When we have a personal relationship with Him. We can call on Him in any situation, and trust Him to take care of us, even in the midst of violent storms. With this personal relationship, we know that He “is good, a stronghold in the day of trouble.” We can “take refuge in Him.”

All of us will go through various storms. Some can be turbulent, and might cause us to quake and tremble. We might experience heartaches and uncertainty. But the Bible tells us that God wants us to trust in Him in the midst of every storm, to know that we can take refuge in Him.

But those who do not know Him may experience the “overwhelming floods” of life. They don’t have the same peace and confidence. But the Bible promises that God will take care of His people. We can realize that He is “good,” and our “stronghold,” protector, shield, and friend.

When you experience the storms of life, don’t give in to fear or panic. Call on God. Trust Him. Make Him your refuge. Rest in Him. Let Him fill you with peace.