The Source of Inspiration

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

How do we find inspiration? How are we inspired?

To many artists and musicians, inspiration is a mystery. They can be inspired by emotions, by love or loss, by triumphs and tragedies, by current events and scenes from nature.

It is said that Napoleon was inspired by reading classic literature. Hadrian (who ruled Rome from 117-138 AD) drew inspiration from studying Roman generals. John Adams, America’s second President, was greatly inspired by his father’s honesty and love of country.

Recently, a marketing guru confessed that he frequently is asked about his sources of inspiration. He described how, for people in marketing, this can be a continual struggle. It’s not easy to find constant inspiration, week after week, day after day, project after project.

This expert concluded that his inspiration could “come from anywhere”: from commercials, reading articles, or just studying data. He could be inspired by thumbing through magazines or going to sporting events with his kids. Or inspiration could come from visiting new places, listening to conversations, or many “less obvious places.”

But Believers have access to another dimension of inspiration—the inspiration that comes from knowing God, the Creator. All creativity begins with Him. We can read and study His Word, realizing that it is “inspired.” We can seek His wisdom and understanding, and be guided by the Holy Spirit.

Today, do you need inspiration? Do you need answers to tough questions? Do you need creative ways to solve problems?

Start by seeking God, the source of all creativity. Pray and commit your needs to Him. Ask Him for the ideas and inspiration you need. Fill your mind and heart with His Word, and make this the basis of your thoughts. Seek to be sensitive to the Spirit. Listen to His voice, and let Him guide you.